SHARON-ELIZABETH- The bossman's wife

A trained chef would you believe it,

She was never fortunate to have riding lessons, alot of what she has  learnt about horses and people has been self taught and from observing others.

So what changed her life from cooking to equine assisted?  

Wow! she could write a book.

At the age of 35 she got her first horse, Toby. He was a christmas present  of 2010, this little Welsh cross certainly taught her alot about horses, being unbroken and Sharon- Elizabeth never breaking in any horses before -well let's say it was one  huge learning curve,unfortunately Toby is no longer with Soar Valley Western Stables, but what he taught about acclimatising horses to riders on their backs was so valuable.

 Since then there has been no stopping her, with every horse she has worked with she has gained a better understanding and by watching the herd she has gained so much. Most of their horses have been backed by they really do know them ........inside and out.


A retired fire service officer who became interested in horses when his youngest daughter received her first pony.

Digby, his faithful and trusted steed has been with him since 1997 and was his first horse. They have been through some rough times, Digby in his younger years would spook and spin decking which ever rider was on him at the time. Malc has endured a few broken ribs but has learned to sit deeper in the saddle, keep a nice long leg,wrap them round tight and hold onto the pommel of the saddle for dear life.

On a more fun note Malc (aka Judge Roy Bean) likes a quick draw at The Broken Barrel Cowboy Club, whilst he was a hanging judge his sharp shooting skills

are pretty rubbish when he's up against the likes of  Billy the Kid,whilst

keeping all the varnments in order he takes to the floor occassionally for a

shimmy & a scoot or takes his wife Sharon-Elizabeth for sway around the floor ,

then there are times he just sits and listens to live country and western bands.

As a couple they make an awesome team.


Sharon-Elizabeth devoting her time and effort to making Horses for Causes a success, Malc helping with all those DIY jobs around the yard, like mending fences, mucking out and helping with horses and clients when needed.


In 2012 they attended an award evening scooping a winners trophy for the organisation that helps people in the community- making a difference to their lives


Both hold first aid certificates and CRB checked, Sharon- Elizabeth has BHS qualifications and NVQ in Stable management and Horse-riding, Riding and Road Safety, Child Protection


Certified with Equine assisted growth and learning association, Sharon -Elizabeth is still growing and learning more about equine assisted therapies.


Aswell as looking after the horses they have two rescue dogs, both are Lurchers and both imported from Ireland for rehoming with the Dog's Trust just a different times.

They have few battle scars but are very friendly and are usually the first to welcome visitors on to the yard before anyone has chance to.

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