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Helping people from different backgrounds, we give them an opportunity to make changes in their own lives.

By personal interaction with horses, people learn to communicate in a way that the horse can understand.

This builds confidence in the client in a relaxed and stress free way.

Working in conjuction with health care professionals we find new ways for clients to deal with their problems, in many cases they are greatly reduced and others they are resolved. We provide a personalised framework that is tailor made for each individual circumstance. We are able to laise with any organisation that wishes to send their clients for our therapy sessions.  

The National Autistic Society uses our services regularly.

We take pride in providing a friendly, supportive, caring and learning environment for the client and carer who can play a key part in their therapy. We do hold initial "taster" sessions for clients and carers who would like to expeience first hand- just contact us for more information.

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To people with ASD everthing appears black and white, there are no grey areas.  For one little boy who could not process, understand or accept that people lie to get out of trouble and they will walk all over your feelings to do or get what they want.


Metaphorically Dusty, one of the therapy ponies became this young boy's friend who lied to get out of trouble and the holly bush spelled trouble, Dusty returned to old habits of getting in trouble after being guided away.

No matter how we guide people away from things we think they should not do - there is not much we can do about it if they choose to do it.

This is just another example of  equine assisted learning and the great service we can offer.

Sharon-Elizabeth is a certified Equine Specialist through EAGALA (equine assisted growth and learning association), with the support of a mental health profession and a team of horses, pyschotherapy and learning can be provided to help people with all sorts of issues and problems. These can be as individuals, couple or in families.

This type of therapy has been successful in helping those with depression, trauma, abuse and other degrees of psychological and mental health.






















Picture above: Dillon being used in an equine assited learning session








Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

& Learning

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