Events Diary

Breaking Down the Communication Barrier

every Tuesday 11am -1pm


We would like to share with you the work that we do so you can see, experience and understand how and why we use horses and the benefits of being around horses.


Working and promoting good mental health carries significant social, economic and health benefits including; early intervention and prevention, improving mental/physical health & wellbeing, self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem. We do this by providing tailor made sessions to meet the client’s needs.


These sessions are primarily aimed at those supporting or providing help to people with mental health issues.


For more information

contact Sharon 07753639228 or









Menu still under construction

Easter Monday - 17th April 2017

10am til 2pm

Admission of £5.00 per child (suggested donation)

* Meet the herd *

*Guess the height of Dolly the Saddlebred*

*Try our Easter treasure hunt*


Join us for a couple of hours or spend the whole time with us. If we know you are coming we can arrange a finger buffet style lunch for all the family. Take a look a the menu, you can decide for yourself if it's good value for money



Summer Holiday Activity

What do you mean we are just 'Horsing Around' we certainly are!!!!

Lots of you enjoyed the H.E.L.P. programme, if we have help to finance or we raise enough money this will be a free event for vulnerable young people to access.


This summer activity for everyone to get involved in, these may be young people that:

•Have mental health Issues eg. Autism, Learning Difficulties

•Have physical health issues eg. Dyspraxia

•Are from a disadvantaged background

•Have no access to financing other summer activities

•Have difficulties with socialising with others


Get in touch to find out more about 'Horsing Around'