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Tel. 0775 3639228/0771 0386498

Email. [email protected]


Soar Valley Western Stables,

A426 Blaby by pass


Leicester. LE8 6DA



How do people get referred?


Horses for Causes offers free 20 minute taster sessions, this is so the team can make assessments as to how best we can support clients. People can refer themselves privately or through organisations such as Menphys, the National Autistic Society, Social services, their local school or college, Leicestershire Partnership Trust and Blaby District Council.

We strongly encourage you to complete and bring any appropriate paperwork to the taster session. Please check what forms you need. By completing this paperwork in advance, we will have more time to thoroughly discuss your concerns and interact with the horses.

Upon arriving, you will first meet members of the team. This gives you the opportunity to discuss any concerns and goals….. and then you get to meet our four legged therapists.


Do you need to have any horse riding experience or be used to being around horses?


No experience is required what so ever. As clients won’t actually be mounting the horse no skill or previous experience is required. All work with horses is done on the ground. We believe that working with horses on the ground is not only safer for you, but also enables you to form a more authentic relationship with your horse without the interference of bridles and saddles.


‘I’m not sure what to expect and suffer with anxiety


You can expect to feel safe and supported throughout the session, both by the facilitators and the horses that are there for you. Our qualified counsellor has a number of years’ experience dealing with varied degrees of mental health.

Together, we will begin to focus on your goals for therapy at a pace with which you are comfortable; you are the priority. You will meet the horses with the facilitators and the session may involve you grooming the horses, leading the horses, playing with the horses, simply being with the horses or even engaging with the horses from outside the paddock. Horses provide unique, unconditional support and a safe space for you to share your feelings and concerns.

You are invited to explore and engage at your own pace and your safety and comfort are our top concerns. Sessions will take place outside in the fresh air, and one or more horses will participate in the session.



Why do you need an equine specialist?


The primary job of the Equine Specialist (ES) is to protect the physical safety of both clients and animals. The ES is certified through EAGALA (equine assisted growth and learning association) and is trained to work with horses in mental health practice. The ES takes primary responsibility for the welfare of the horses during the session and will work with the counsellor to carefully balance your needs with the needs of the animals. The ES will also monitor the animals for stress (and intervene when necessary), assist with treatment planning, and offer feedback during the session.


If you have any more questions regarding what to wear, what happens if you need to cancel, what happens if the weasther is bad, how to make payments.....anything! Please contact us and we can answer your queries.


Frequently asked