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We are currently working with schools and colleges to support young vulnerable people.

These could be looked after children, those that suffer with anxiety and have confidence & self esteem challenges.

Chat to the team about Anger Management for Children


Soar Valley Western Stables is the main sponsor for Horses for Causes, without their continued support, being able to use their land and the horses - Horses for Causes would not exist or be sustainable.

Malcolm Bray, retired fire service officer acquires the 6.1/2 acres, the main stable block and two lean to corrugated shelters back in 1998 from being a small DIY livery yard it has been transformed into a busy hub for equine assisted therapy.


Its team of dedicated volunteers help look after the yard of 10 horses.

Clients in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and learning can clearly see and note different characteristic traits in horses and relate them to behaviour of peers, family members (spouses, partners etc.) or how their addictions, fears or dreams play out in their lives.

Some of the horses are used for horse riding activities although not an approved RDA centre, their experience with helping children and adults with autism and learning difficulties and Downs Syndrome is second to none. Tailor making each session to suit the individual so that the client gets the most benefit.  


Take a browse around the stables from the comfort of your own home via the internet, meet the herd and the people that help and support a wide range of abilities with people of all ages.

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Some of the organisations we work with;

Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association

Leicestershire Partnership Trust

Orchard House Resource Center

Voluntary Action Leicester

Leicester County Council

SLF, Blaby District Council

The Perry Clayman Project


Child & Adult Social Services

Willowbank Hospital School

Maplewell Academy

Community Action Partnership

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