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Tel. 0775 3639228/0771 0386498

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Soar Valley Western Stables,

A426 Blaby by pass


Leicester. LE8 6DA




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Horses for Causes

This not for profit organisation was set up in 2010 with the mission of providing growth and change for people in the community.

Winners of an outstanding achievement award 2013, for their community service to improve the quality of people’s lives, the team at Horses for Causes continues to develop innovative ways to engage people through equine interaction.

Horses can be particularly therapeutic as they have the innate ability to sense what others around them feel.

Our four legged friends and their long term socialisation with humans have helped lots of people of all ages with varied degrees of mental and physical health.


​​but why do horses make great therapy partners?

Horses are extremely sensitive to the internal states of the humans with which they work and change their behaviour depending on the emotions of the client. If a client is anxious, the horse will behave differently than it would if the client were calm. If a client is impatient or inattentive, the horse shows it. So on one level, the client is working with a magnificent animal, but at the same time they’re really working with a 1,200 pound biofeedback machine.


The horse provides a wealth of information about what’s really going on with the client, which is extremely useful in the client and facilitator’s work together. Horses have personalities, attitudes, and moods as unique as those of each individual involved. Because of this, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning produces endless experiences and situations for discussion, analysis and increased insight into the client’s personal mode of operation in the world. Through the acts of selecting a horse, gaining its trust, haltering, and grooming the horse, clients gain self-confidence, learn to listen and remain attentive, learn dedication and a work ethic, and develop communication skills that carry over into their daily lives.

Horses for Causes