Meet the herd

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 Horses are large and powerful.

To many people they are very intimidating. Accomplishing a task with a horse creates confidence and watching their behaviour provides wonderful metaphors when dealing with other intimidating and challenging situations in life.  Our horses are gentle, honest and non judgemental, they help to break down barriers. Working and gaining confidence with them inspires and encourages more balanced feelings and calmness in all of us.

"Hello Dolly....well..

..hello Dolly!"


Hogan allows new latest addition

to the stables

October 2014

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Digby and Dusty grooming, no wonder Digby

has very little mane July 2013

" make sure you get my best side" says Dusty

August 2013

Dillon Winter 2012


Suzi welcoming Summer to Soar Valley Western Stables

April 2012


All of the horses at Horses for Causes have been chosen to work in the Team, because of their long term socialisation with humans. Whilst personalities differ from horse to horse, clients can clearly see and note differing character traits and can relate them to the behaviour of their peers, family members, (spouses and partners etc.), or how their addictions, fears, or dreams play out in their lives.

Rosie born 06/07/2015

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